Handcrafted Rustic American Flags

Completely Customizeable Charred Flags

Here at the Flag Factory, we pride ourselves with being able to bring someones vision to the forefront and provide a quality flag they only envisioned in their head. Tell us exactly what you're looking for and we'll do the rest. Within 48 hours, we'll provide a digital layout so you can see exactly what your flag will look like before committing to buy it. You'll have an opportunity to add, subtract, or alter the design however you see fit!

Please be prepared to provide text, images, and logos. You must be the Copyright/Trademark owner or have permission to use the images.  Regarding images, we set a high standard and won't apply an image or text that disrespects any group, religion, or more importantly, our flag or country.  

Note on Political Flags:  Here at the Flag Factory, we are independent from any political party or affiliation, therefore, won't build flags that might appear as an endorsement. for one or the other.  If you're working for a campaign, please feel free to reach out, but if not, please refrain from asking.


Please be specific. What's the theme; seasonal, firefighting, military, business, etc? Who is it for? What kinds of images and text do you want? Let us know and we'll send you a digital (no obligation) quote and proof within 48 hours!

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